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Profile# 7161

Dog Grooming

Gross: $78,500                   Price: $74,500
Years Established: 10       # Of Employees: 4
Terms: 80% down, balance @ 4.5% for 3 years
Comments: Established in 2003, this Grooming and Self-Bathing establishment has Grown Consistently. A Great Location, across from a Stunning Ocean Beach, makes this a Unique and Delightful place to work. Sit on the deck after a satisfying day grooming and watch Spectacular Sunsets. Get onto the beach to Dig for Clams. Carry your Kayak across the road and Paddle For Pleasure, Fishing or Crabbing. Customer base is a wide mix of full-time working locals, retirees and tourists. This bay in NorthWest Washington State is a destination for snowbirds and Canadians. There is a time-share a block away and a hotel next door, as well as seasonal cabin rentals throughout the area. Many of our regulars come from Seattle or British Columbia to stay in their vacation condos or cabins. The business is located in a classic beach house and includes a small apartment at the rear of the building. This space might be adapted for Additional Services, such as Doggy Daycare for Locals or Visitors wanting to leave their dogs as they spend an afternoon sightseeing. Currently, there is one full-time groomer, one part-time groomer/bather and two part-time bathers. The business could support a second, full-time groomer year- round with a more aggressive marketing strategy. There were three other grooming shops in the area when this business was opened. Our shop has managed to carve out a select and Increasing Clientele over the last ten years due to Attention To Customer Service and Consistent Quality Grooming. The Shop’s Commercial Area is Well Equipped. There are three bathing tubs, one in a separate room for use by self-serve clients or an additional groomer/bather. A large room, separate from the main bathing/grooming area, makes a great space to be used by an Independent Groomer, Animal Chiropractor, Animal Massage Therapist, etc. Included are all fixtures and equipment, except scissors, electric clippers and blades.

Major items are: Four forced air dryers One cage dryer Seven kennels Two grooming tables, one hydraulic and one electric One Electric Cleaner Company vacuum and a garage vacuum Cash register Credit card processor Three air conditioning units Slat-wall panels for display of retail items Stacked, Heavy Duty, Front-loading washing machine and clothes dryer All retail stock, principally leashes, collars, brushes, etc. Phone system. Other miscellaneous grooming related items and assorted tables.

There is a lot of room for Add-On Services. We have been working towards adding a Wellness Center with an Emphasis on Alternative Health and Treatments, and have a Very Good Relationship with Local Vets. The well-being of Dogs is always our emphasis, and This Has Created a Strong Bond with our Customer Base. We would be glad to discuss Expansion Options. The building is leased. Reasonable offers will be considered. Seller will be glad to assist with transition and is willing to work up to six months for new owners as an employee. Then, RETIREMENT!

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Profile# 7152

Japanese-American Restaurants

Gross: $900,000                  Price: $275,000
Years Established: 6          # Of Employees: 24
Terms: Minimum 60% down
Comments: Only sushi Bar Japanese restaurant for over 100 miles long term well below market lease lots of downtown foot traffic restaurant is very well known with an outstanding reputation has many longtime frequent customers.

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