Baby Boomers And The Flood Of Small Business Sales That Never Happened

Do you remember all those scary articles claiming that baby boomers were all going to sell their businesses at the same time? .............And that would cause a glut of businesses for sale ............And that would cause the value of your business to plummet? Turns out it never happened.   In this article in [...]

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Selling A Liquor Store – Here Is What Your Buyer Needs To Know

When it comes to selling a liquor store I have some good news. Liquor store businesses are very popular among buyers. The bad news is that many potential buyers have unrealistic ideas about how a liquor store business works. So when you advertise you store for sale you should get more replies than [...]

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Selling Your Hair Salon – Best Business Valuation Methods

There are two business valuation methods that can be used when selling your hair salon. Fortunately is it easy for you to determine which one you should use. If the salon is not profitable and you just want to liquidate your assets you need to use the asset based valuation method. But for [...]

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Buying And Selling A Hair Salon: Business Valuation For The Beauty Business

When buying and selling a hair salon the valuation can be the trickiest part. How do you know what is a fair price when buying or selling a salon/spa? Fortunately we have recent reliable data on what salons across the country have sold for. Using this data as a starting point it becomes [...]

Buying and Selling A Restaurant: Financial Ratios You Must Know

When it comes to buying and selling a restaurant everything is negotiable. I’m sure you have heard that before. And when it comes to the price and terms that is true. It is hard to predict ahead of time what the final deal will look like. All that matters is what the buyer and seller [...]

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Backrub, Blue Ribbon, Cadabra: How Some Successful Companies Got Their Name Right On The 2nd Or 3rd Try

“Plan your work and work your plan.” Ever heard that old chestnut? Plans are great. Necessary even. But success almost always winds up looking different than the original plan. When we observe successful companies we tend to only see the finished product. Or if not the finished product, the current state of being. We are [...]

4 Reasons To Consider Buying A Franchise Business

The learning curve for first time business owners can be steep. Just one or two early mistakes can doom a new venture before it gets started. One way to avoid these early mistakes is to invest in a business that has already figured things out. This is what the franchise model allows entrepreneurs to do. [...]

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Good News About Selling Your Business – The Buyers Are Getting More Qualified

This article from the New York Times is a pleasant surprise. It is that rarest of small business articles - it focuses on owner-operators and the types of people who buy and sell such businesses. And the trend is clear: more professionals are leaving well paying corporate jobs for the chance to own a truly [...]

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Immediate Cash Flow: Reason #1 To Buy A Business Not Start A Business

Starting a business is not the only way to achieve the American dream of owning a small business. Millions of entrepreneurs get their start by buying an existing business. One that has already achieved profitability. And when you get right down to it, that is the number one reason to buy a business instead of [...]

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Starting A Business: Why Great Ideas Are Overrated

One website I enjoy spending time on is Quora.com. Quora is a question-and-answer website that lets you ask its sizeable community of users just about any question you can think of. Then that community does it’s best to answer your question. Almost anything goes. Questions such as “What are some good reasons to start smoking?’ [...]

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