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  • Why You Should Ignore Most Of The Advice You Get From The Small Business Media

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The 6 Step System For Selling A Business
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Below are links to over 50 pages of Advice for the "For Sale By Owner" business seller: tips, techniques and information to help you sell your business online.

We've broken the selling process into 6 steps and have created a section dedicated to each step. The 6 steps are presented here in the same sequence they will occur during the selling process, although there is some overlap.

If your company is already on the market, feel free to jump straight to whichever step you are presently involved with.
But if you are just starting out, I suggest you begin here: Overview Of The Selling A Business Process before beginning Step 1.

Step 1- Preparation

Step 2- Business Valuation - Determine Your Asking Price

Step 3- Advertise Your Business For Sale Online & Qualify Prospects

Step 4- Structure And Negotiate The Terms Of The Sale

Step 5- Conduct Due Diligence

Step 6- Close The Sale Of Your Business Quickly



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Sell A Business Learning Center
Sell Your Business Learning Center
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